Jet-Stream technology overview

Jet-Stream CDN technology overview
The Jet-Stream VideoExchange (“VDO-X”) CDN technology is a true next-generation CDN solution for network operators and content publishers. Our technology is researched and designed based on our IP video streaming experience since 1994. The Jet-Stream CDN solution was designed from the ground up specifically for telco usage.

Unique IPR
Jet-Stream CDN technology is unique. First of all because of our heritage: our first CDN philosophies, principles and technologies were designed before other CDNs existed. Second, because our technology was designed from the ground up using different, more sophisticated technologies. Third, our technologies were researched, invented and developed entirely in-house without any access to knowledge, code, documentation or systems from other vendors. It is unique and genuine Jet-Stream IPR.

Premium media delivery
Jet-Stream CDN technology is premium CDN technology, focusing on professional and managed content delivery. We especially focus on VOD and live video and audio and media delivery, because that is where the traffic pain is, and also where the business is.

Open and flexible design
Jet-Stream CDN technology is entirely software based and does not lock you into any specific networking or delivery appliance from any vendor. You can use your existing network infrastructure, span a CDN across multiple networks and can even use existing delivery appliances or (cloud) infrastructures.

Logical layering
The solution is logically layered, abstracting networking, delivery, core CDN features, management, content owners self-service and integration API’s. Specific networking gear and delivery appliances are not mandatory parts of a CDN anymore.


Extremely small footprint
Jet-Stream CDN management servers runs on one to eight Linux (physical, virtual or cloud) servers and a load balancer is optional. Per delivery PoP there is no need for any equipment except for standard networking gear and delivery nodes. Load balancers, DNS servers, specific storage vaults and PoP heads are eliminated. This allows you to deploy deep edge servers and scale the CDN without scaling your budget.

Automated deployment
All you need is to deploy the central Jet-Stream CDN application servers and the delivery nodes at strategic locations in your network(s) or on the Internet. Using Jet-Stream CDN deployment packages for Linux servers and Windows servers, you can design and deploy your entire CDN in days instead of months.

Mix delivery nodes
Delivery nodes can be a mix of delivery appliances and open appliances, whether these are large servers, rack servers, blades, micro embedded edge servers, virtualized servers or even cloud services, with direct attached,external or shared storage, whatever suits best at which PoP. You can also reuse existing servers. It is even possible to embed our software in existing appliances. We license our delivery nodes API to appliance vendors so these can be managed by the CDN.

Vendor independent
Jet-Stream CDN offers 100% compliant, high performance, unified media delivery. The technology supports a wide range of official RTMP, RTSP and HTTP adaptive streaming services, and HTTP web and caching software solutions from all major vendors including Microsoft, Adobe, Apple and Wowza. Thanks to the unique parallelization approach, Jet-Stream CDN can densify the delivery nodes and the costs for delivery, housing, power and management up to a factor 5 without losing performance on virtualization.

Advanced CDN automation
While most vendors today still struggle and focus on the delivery part, Jet-Stream can focus on advanced CDN technologies, manageability and automation. All CDN nodes are under permanent surveillance. For instance, if any service or server breaks, it is instantly taken out of the active pool and traffic is instantly redirected. This greatly reduces your operational load and highly improves the uptime compared to other CDN offerings. The CDN can be fully integrated with your existing NOC.

Advanced content routing
Jet-Stream CDN technology does not limit itself to ‘best effort’ caching technologies. Instead Jet-Stream developed a premium, managed, instant object distribution, caching and live relaying management technology. Every replication is double checked to guarantee that end users get high performance access to reliable content. The service is fully controlled by business rules, allowing much finer granularity for resources management. This greatly improves the reliability, the manageability and the efficiency of your CDN over other CDN solutions.

Advanced request routing
Jet-Stream CDN technology does not use ‘best effort’ DNS to geo load balance end users over the cloud of delivery resources. DNS is an uncontrolled method. Instead Jet-Stream developed an instant protocol + application layer engine that controls and guarantees redirection on a per request basis. Every individual object and live stream is under permanent surveillance for geo- popularity. Our solution introduces advanced business rules based control and a much higher uptime that other CDNs simply cannot offer.

Industrial log processing
Jet-Stream CDN technology includes Jet-Stream Afterburner, the high performance access log processing and reporting engine. Logs from all the delivery nodes are pre-processed, re-arranged and split. The processed logs are then used for 100% exact traffic reporting (billing) and for 100% exact usage reporting. A standard reporting tool is bundled and the output logs can be post-processed by third party analytics tools.

Professional management console
Jet-Stream offers much more advanced technologies under the hood than other CDN vendors do today. But this does not mean that it is harder to manage your CDN! A professional, secure web based dashboard lets you manage the delivery nodes, do geo-optimization, provision accounts, manage resources, see real-time statistics and oversee and control the entire CDN with the built-in NOC. The integrated management plane eliminates the need for a CDN operations department with many skilled engineers: a regular operations employee can deploy and manage your entire CDN after a few days training.

Professional content owners self service
To further reduce your costs, the Jet-Stream CDN solution offers a unique full featured self-service web based interface to content publishers. They can ingest and manage their VOD content and web objects, they can setup and manage their own live streams in many formats, get real-time statistics, and historical reports. Through their private set of advanced, well-documented, open standards based APIs, content publishers can integrate their entire media workflow, from encoding, to VMS, from CMS to portals.

True CDN Federation
The Jet-Stream CDN solution also brings advanced CDN Interconnecting and CDN Federation technologies. Instead of just using overlaying technologies, Jet-Stream uses open standards based APIs that are fully abstracted, enabling true CDN interconnectivity and federation. A content owners account on one CDN can act as if it is a logical delivery node for another CDN, allowing multiple CDNs to integrate and stack, both horizontally and vertically.

Lowest CAPEX, Lowest OPEX
The Jet-Stream CDN solution is not just the most advanced solution in the market. It is also the most efficient. An entire CDN can be operated and supported by just 2FTE. The Jet-Stream CDN solution reduces CAPEX and OPEX. Through flexible licensing models and bursting licenses it will let you start today and scale tomorrow.

Ask for a demo
If you are interested in a CDN, you must have seen a demo of our software before you can produce any serious RfI, RfQ or RfP. The professional yet easy to use web based console and the API’s let you manage and integrate the most advanced CDN technologies in our industry. Contact us.

Pilot project
A demo will take just an hour but it will change the way you think about CDNs, CDN technologies and the requirements of a good CDN. Last but not least: we can deploy a pilot project in just a few days time, on physical or virtual servers in your network, or even on Amazon EC2. Experience Jet-Stream yourself. In the meantime, read our +150 pages CDN Technologies white paper.