CDN request routing technologies

Advanced request router
Jet-Stream Rediraptor is the most sophisticated CDN request routing technology on the market. 

Topological intelligence
Most CDNs can only recognize IP addresses and have limited granularity: they can recognize countries or ISPs. But in an increasing number of environments, the IP address doesn't say anything about the end users actual topological location. And if you want to deploy an on-net CDN you are better off with finer grain topo optimization, for instance per IP address or per IP range. Jet-Stream invented Rediraptor, it is the only request router on the market that has been designed from the ground up for mobile and deep edge delivery and goes beyond the best effort request routing engine technologies of vendors and global CDNs.

Dynamic request routing
Every individual redirect is calculated and optimized, based upon topological information, network health, server health, services availability, content availability, CDN policies, content owner policies and per server content availability variables. Content publishers need more control over the CDN's response than best effort CDNs can offer. Rediraptor allows content publishers and operators to control the CDN's response by adjusting values in the CDN's URL on a per object and per request basis.

Active request routing
Rediraptor is an active request routing engine that does not rely on DNS or anycasting technologies. Every request is checked and validated. The request router will never redirect to a server that cannot serve an object, offering instant and guaranteed redirection without any delay, with the finest granularity and with a much higher uptime than best effort request routing systems can offer.

Active content popularity surveillance
Every individual object and live stream on the CDN is under permanent surveillance for topo/geo-popularity. Popularity data is calculated and shared with the CDN's distribution engine so popular content is automatically distributed according to dynamically adjustable policies, enabling a more premium and better controlled distribution and request routing service. 


CDN federation optimized
Rediraptor has been designed from the ground up for true federated models, whether CDNs are interconnected horizontally or vertically. Rediraptor understands that it can respond differently when it is redirecting to third party CDNs or whether it is part of a federated environment; it can rewrite URLs on the fly to adjust to third party CDN URL formatting. Rediraptor also supports inter-CDN requests both as a higher level and lower level CDN, eliminating the need for end users to be redirected by multiple CDNs in a chain. 

Intelligent request router
Rediraptor integrates many premium CDN control features such as sessionID pass through, content portal-side request routing, advanced anti-deeplinking with IPv4 and IPv6 compliancy, portal to CDN token based access control, geo blocking and dynamic PoP load balancing (eliminating the need for load balancers or physical servers clustering). Thanks to our logical asset intelligence, Rediraptor does not need to redirect for each individual HTTP adaptive streaming segment.

Scalable and reliable
Rediraptor is an ultra high performance request router, designed as a distributed architecture. Most CDNs claim a 99.99% uptime. But if they have to change their DNS records, they cannot prevent DNS operators to cache and override TTLs, which result in end users encountering DNS update lags that can last for hours, even days, bringing down the real uptime of CDNs well below the critical 99.9% level: best effort. Rediraptor powered CDNs have an actual historical uptime of over 99.99% to 99.999%: Rediraptor guarantees that end users are always redirected to an available source without any dependencies.

Rediraptor is open. Various geo/topo optimized databases have been pre-integrated with Rediraptor and thanks to its open architecture it is easy to integrate custom geo/topo databases as well. Rediraptor can also be integrated with existing and third party monitoring solutions. Your NOC can instruct the CDN to instantly activate and deactivate servers and services in its pool of dynamic resources. Rediraptor will instantly redirect traffic to alternative delivery nodes, without any delay and without any dependency.

Benefits of Jet-Stream Rediraptor

  • Works completely independent from any third party or DNS system
  • Works completely independent from the network layer, so no anycasting required
  • Intelligent geo load balancing for premium delivery instead of best effort ‘shoot and forget’
  • Unique stateless redirect per request guarantees 100% uptime for every request
  • 100% controlled and guaranteed redirection per object, per server, per service, per request
  • Most dynamic request router on the market with the finest granularity
  • Popularity tracking and reporting of every individual object and stream on the CDN
  • Geo Load Balancing with the finest granularity: per object, per server, per service, per request
  • Unified protocol redirection and application (metafile) redirection framework
  • Pooling feature fully eliminates the need for physical load balancers or PoP heads in the delivery layer
  • Easily extendible with new protocols, metafiles, services and parameters
  • Unified URL token based access control features
  • Scalable: can redirect hundreds millions viewers per day
  • Redirects take less than 1/10 of a millisecond: faster than DNS lookup
  • External monitors and NOCs can easily be integrated to instantly change redirection based upon load, availability or QoS variations in your network
  • Fully integrated with Jet-Stream CDN Replicator engine
  • Can be integrated with various Geo/Topo optimization databases
  • Manual IP range / address / geo ID management options for the finest granularity in geo load balancing
  • Standardized CDN URL and standardized delivery URL for maximum uniformity
  • URL parameters customizable by content owners for maximum control over delivery
  • True CDN federation capabilities
  • No delivery vendor lock-in
  • Highly scalable
  • Central intelligence means better control

Jet-Stream Rediraptor is an integrated part of the Jet-Stream CDN technology suite and is not licensed separately. 

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