CDN Operations Center

Administrator cockpit
The Jet-Stream CDN management service integrates all CDN management features into a single unified web based portal. The CDN management service taps into the central intelligence features of the CDN core. The web interface offers the most advanced features, yet is easy to learn and to operate. Since everything is web-based, you can manage and control your CDN anywhere: in your NOC room, from your desk, even with a tablet in the park, on the go or at the beach.

Manage delivery nodes
In a single overview, the CDN operators can manage, add and oversee all the delivery nodes and delivery services in your CDN. Adding a new delivery node is a breeze and servers and services can instantly be taken in or out of the active pool without affecting end users or the CDNs uptime. Multiple delivery nodes can be clustered into logical clusters.

Geo / Topo optimization
These screens allow the CDN operators to enter, update and tune the CDN for geo/topo awareness and for linking delivery nodes and delivery clusters to specified regions. The Jet-Stream CDN fully eliminates the need for working in multiple screens and because of our active request routing technology, changes are effective instantly without any dependency on other systems.

Account provisioning
These screens let the administrators configure wholesale products and auto or manually provision accounts. The Jet-Stream CDN lets you assign dedicated or shared or a mix of delivery node resources and lets you configure policies on a per account basis. This lets you differentiate server and storage resources and the CDNs performance on a per account basis, giving you maximum control over CDN resources and giving you the ability to sell premium services to the highest demanding content publishers. Changes are effective immediately.

Realtime statistics
This screen gives the operators real time feedback about requests popularity per region, which accounts generate the most hits, which nodes serve the most hits, VOD popularity percentages and live streams popularity percentages. This information is useful to optimize the CDNs traffic patterns, resources usage and account policies.

CDN activity
This menu collects realtime and historical data from the CDN core, and from monitoring systems. The overview screen shows storage usage, which accounts and users are active and what their activities in the system are. The NOC screen offers insight in services availability and load. The Afterburner screen is for managing and monitoring log processing. The 404 errors screen are a great tool to help customers with URL problems on their portals. There are several screens to inform you about the Replicator content distribution engine status: new objects, distributed objects and object validation for instance. The log screen gives you an overview of all the internal processes so you never have to log into any delivery node or CDN core server to know what is happening in the system.

Lowest operational costs
The Jet-Stream CDN management service greatly reduces the number of specialists you need to run a full-scale 24*7 CDN. Thanks to automation, integration and alerting and the advanced but easy to use interfaces, a very small staff of ICT operators can deploy full scale CDN. Most Jet-Stream deployed CDNs are operated by less than 2FTE. Compare that to CDNs that are constructed with a wide range of hardware and software components each with their own configuration tools, terminals and login screens. 

Many, many other features
The difference is in the details. For instance, most CDN management interfaces are bright and white. But in real life operation, especially during night shifts, operators prefer a low contrast, dark toned interface. Our interface designed is optimized for this, but can of course be changed. The Jet-Stream CDN management service offers many additional intelligent and smart CDN management features. Contact us for a demonstration!

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