CDN distribution technologies

Next generation distribution
Many CDNs are built around basic reverse proxy designs. They redirect an end user to a cache, and then assume that the cache will pull in the object from the origin and serve it out. That works fine for best effort delivery services. That is why they focus on QoE technologies. But that is best effort and it is not good enough for premium content that needs guaranteed distribution, with the finest granularity and maximum control. Content publishers and end users demand the highest quality of delivery for premium content. Premium delivery also means premium distribution.

Jet-Stream Replicator
Jet-Stream invented Replicator. It is the most sophisticated CDN distribution technology on the market. It doesn’t just do basic file propagation, basic syncing, basic caching or basic multicasting. It doesn't rely on uncontrolled and unreliable P2P or P4P mechanisms. We add intelligence and control. Replicator combines multiple distribution mechanisms and abstracts replication intelligence from these distribution mechanisms and the delivery nodes into an intelligent distribution manager. 

Replication Manager
The Replication Manager keeps track of every VOD object, VOD logical object and live publishing point in the CDN, on every delivery node. It is aware of the availability of the delivery nodes. Replication manager is designed for scalability, and can keep track of hundred thousands VOD assets and live streams per account, for many accounts over many delivery nodes.

Resources and policies management
A Jet-Stream CDN is not a basic shared resource. You can differentiate and you can monetize this differentiation. Replicator offers dynamic resources management per account. The CDN operator can assign delivery nodes resources and storage quota to each individual account and can set thresholds, time-to-live and distribution policies on a per account basis, all on an abstracted level. The CDN will automatically distribute content based upon realtime popularity tracking and the set resources, policies and limits.



Content publishers control
Most CDNs are very secretive about their inner workings while content publishers demand more transparency and control. The Jet-Stream CDN offers content owners full insight in where their content is located and relayed, and can manually and automatically pre-load content on available delivery nodes.

Controlled, dynamic distribution
A Jet-Stream CDN is not built using static backends between delivery nodes: everything is dynamic. Caching backends are dynamically managed on a per account basis, live streams and VOD titles are even dynamically managed and distributed on a per account, per object basis. This much finer granularity and flexibility allows you to maximize the CDN's efficiency: lower backhaul lin usage, lower costs, better performance. 

PULL method
Many CDNs redirect an end user to a cache, and then assume that the cache will pull in the object from the origin and serve it out. The cache itself is responsible for storing and flushing content. Jet-Stream Replicater enhances this by adding an extra layer of intelligence so you don't have to manage this on a per domain, per cache level anymore. Now you can manage popularity thresholds, TTLs and edge storage quota centrally on a per account level. Backends are completely dynamic instead of static, giving you much more control over resources, backhaul traffic and storage. Pull is primarily advised to be used for live and VOD HTTP adaptive delivery. 

PUSH method
In addition to caching, the Jet-Stream CDN adds a more premium, managed push method. This is the preferred method for large objects and content that needs to be delivered through non-HTTP protocols. Pushed content needs to be pre-ingested. Pre-ingested content means that delivery of every object can be guaranteed, as opposed to remote origin caching. If content becomes popular, Replicator will replicate the content based upon business rules. Content is always pre-loaded before end users are redirected to any delivery node and every individual replication is double checked for integrity. This more premium distribution technology guarantees that every individual view is served: distribution guarantee, delivery guarantee. Premium!

Relay method
The Jet-Stream CDN supports many live relaying technologies for RTMP, RTSP, MMS and icecasting, for many vendors. Live relays are dynamically setup between delivery nodes and are double checked for integrity before end users are allowed to connect to relayed servers. 

Logical objects
When segmented or multiple bit rate content is ingested, Replicator parses the playlist/manifest files and groups the content into logical objects, making it much easier for the CDN to replicate content and for the account owner to manage the content. Account owners can also manually group objects. Replicator will then automatically generate a correct playlist/manifest file.

Benefits of Jet-Stream Replicator

  • Abstracted and centralized control
  • Dynamic delivery resource assignment
  • Dynamic intelligent business rules
  • Push, pull and relaying integrated
  • Dynamic geo optimized distribution based upon popularity
  • Full automatic distribution
  • Manual override options
  • Instant status reporting
  • Much finer granularity
  • QoS differentiation options
  • Lowest backhaul load
  • Lowest edge storage requirements
  • Instant dynamic distribution
  • Multi distribution technology framework
  • Asset independent
  • Delivery protocol independent
  • Delivery service independent
  • Appliance independent
  • Guaranteed distribution
  • Open standards based
  • Many ingest options
  • Works over any IP connection, no network lock-in
  • No expensive pop head resources required

Jet-Stream Replicator is an integrated part of the Jet-Stream CDN technology suite and is not licensed separately. 

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The Jet-Stream CDN Technologies White Paper describes Jet-Stream technical vision and technologies. The 150+ pages document can be obtained here.