CDN delivery technologies

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Most vendors lock you into their delivery technologies: they offer proprietary appliances, storage vaults, origin vaults, streamers and caches. For clustering you have to rely on their proprietary solutions or you need additional equipment such as load balancers. In our long term history we have seen too many incidents where very expensive and closed appliances became outdated years before they earned back the investments.

The Jet-Stream CDN solution is open. Our technology overlays and controls streaming and caching appliances and software from many vendors. Instead of locking you into proprietary storage servers, streamers and caches, Jet-Stream enables you to choose from a wide variety of hardware and software technologies and mix these to design the most efficient and flexible CDN.

Open unified delivery
Jet-Stream leverages the power of innovative technology from industry leaders, guaranteeing you full compliancy with industry protocols, codecs, formats and technologies. We also eliminate the risk that you end up with an outdated, expensive, bricked environment. We don't force you to license specific technologies: we bundle a number of high performance delivery components for free, and you are free to license additional delivery technologies at competitive rates.

Jet-Stream's delivery technology is highly abstracted. Content needs to be distributed, intelligence should be centralized. Delivery nodes are a commodity: store and deliver with the highest performance and reliability at the lowest price. Any node can be a cache, any node can be a streamer, any node can be both, any node can be an origin, any node can be an edge. Distribution, clustering, access control, request routing, monitoring and reporting is abstracted into advanced, higher layered technologies.

Open CDN Appliance
Jet-Stream invented the Open CDN Appliance. This technology combines the best of both worlds: the affordability, flexibility, innovation pace and compliancy of software based delivery technologies, with the rock solid reliability, performance, normalization and low maintenance of proprietary appliances. Our technology turns affordable off-the-shelves industry standard hardware into powerful and reliable telco grade delivery nodes that outperform proprietary appliances in reliability and efficiency: some of the CDNs we deployed almost 10 years ago are still operational on the original hardware or needed minimal hardware refreshments. Most of todays CDN appliances weren't even designed back then.

Delivery nodes: physical, virtual, cloud and embedded
The Jet-Stream Open CDN Appliance runs on industry standard hardware. You are free to choose the specs that meet your demands with regards to storage, throughput, rackspace and power consumption. Use rack servers and blade servers, use virtual servers and use cloud based servers. You can even run a Jet-Stream Open CDN appliance embedded within an existing appliance such as a transparent cache or a network gateway.

Jet-Stream Parallelization
Professional CDNs need the ability to support multiple delivery technologies and protocols. Running separate servers for each delivery technology is highly inefficient. You want to be able to share the load over servers more dynamically. Virtualization can enable this but in general it kills performance and reliability. Thanks to the unique Jet-Stream Parallelization approach, we can run many delivery services on each individual delivery node, without losing performance or reliability. This densifies the delivery layer up to a factor 5, resulting in huge costs savings.

Jet-Stream Open CDN API
The Jet-Stream Open CDN API lets a CDN management system control and communicate with its delivery nodes in a structured, reliable and efficient way. Instead of having to communicate with each individual vendors technology solution, the Open CDN API takes care of content distribution, monitoring, log processing, dynamic relaying and dynamic backend management in a unified way.

Open CDN Appliance Vendor Program
The Open CDN API is available for licensing and integration so any delivery vendor can enhance their delivery appliance for becoming a premium CDN delivery node. Vendors that are supported by the Jet-Stream CDN benefit from our ecosystem and from our reach into the market. They don't have to R&D proprietary APIs and can tap into the many years of experience from Jet-Stream so their appliances become fully specced and really useful in professional CDN environments. The benefit for CDN operators is freedom of choice. 

Mix closed and open appliances
In the Jet-Stream CDN environment, any server can become a delivery node, allowing you to design the most efficient CDN using any mix of delivery technologies: hardware, virtual, cloud, embedded and closed appliances. The need for overhead equipment is eliminated and the role of a server (core, fallback, overflow or edge) is not defined by the server itself, but is defined in a higher layer, for maximum flexibility. Use appliances for your core, use low cost servers at the edges, use embedded servers at the outer edges and cloud based servers for bursting capacity. Any mix you want!


Lowest TCO
Whether you want to run on affordable industry standard hardware, or on low power consumption, highly densified appliances, or a hybrid mix of these, the Jet-Stream CDN is the only solution that gives you so much openness and flexibility, that you can achieve the lowest cost of ownership, both CAPEX and OPEX.

Benefits of the Jet-Stream CDN delivery technologies

  • Open delivery vendor approach
  • No vendor lock-in for delivery software or hardware
  • 100% compliancy guarantee
  • Support for virtually all power players / protocols, including:
  • HTTP, RTMP, RTSP, MMS, Icecast, live, vod, download, progressive, Apple HLS, Smooth, Adobe HDS
  • Fully pre-integrated with virtually all software based streaming and powerful caching / web services, including:
  • NGINX, Apache, Lighttpd, IIS, WMS, FMS, Wowza, Icecast, DSS, QTSS
  • Integrated with the Edgeware appliance
  • No capacity limits: build your own 1Gbps up to 2x10Gbps servers from any vendor including:
  • Dell, Fujitsu, HP, IBM, Oracle 64-bits x68 compliant servers
  • Future proof guarantee
  • Fast updates / upgrades guarantee
  • Freedom in tuning OS and services for your specific requirements
  • Freedom in mixing multiple delivery technologies
  • Freedom in mixing server resources including:
  • High performance servers, rack servers, blades, micro servers, virtual machines, clouds, embedded, appliances
  • Highest true unified density in the industry through parallelization
  • CDN intelligence abstraction from delivery layer
  • No dependency on routing, switching, storage, load balancing, gear
  • Automated, unattended deployment for Windows and Linux
  • Anti deeplinking request routing integration options for most services
  • Unified, generic API layer, standards based
  • Lowest possible TCO for delivery, both CAPEX and OPEX
  • Bundled for free with every licensed Jet-Stream CDN

One more thing... ...Free!
Many CDNs are not profitable because of the high costs in their delivery layer. They use too expensive servers and appliances and have to rely on too many expensive overhead appliances. Which is great for hardware vendors but in the Jet-Stream vision, all costs in the delivery layer must be slashed wherever possible. The combination of the above described Jet-Stream technologies drive down costs to the maximum. To help you further lower your CDN costs, the Jet-Stream delivery technology including -parallelization and the API- is licensed completely for free under NDA to appliance vendors, with just one simple restriction is that our IPR is exclusively used with Jet-Stream powered CDNs. Yes that is disruptive and we like that. A great example is where we opened up our specifications, knowledge and code to Edgeware. Edgeware is a powerful HTTP delivery appliance that can pump out 20Gbps from a half size 1U rack server. The Edgeware appliance is powerful in storage and delivery but was lacking the APIs required to be used in a professional CDN environment. Thanks to Jet-Stream, the appliance now has more intelligent session logging for HTTP adaptive streaming and can seemlessly be integrated in the Jet-Stream CDN management environment. Thanks to this pre-integration, Jet-Stream, Edgeware and partners have successfully won large pitches for CDN management and CDN delivery projects.

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