Competitive advantages

Traditional vendors are no competition
Although Jet-Stream is regularly asked to pitch against traditional vendors for Content Delivery Networks we don’t see these vendors as direct competitors. These vendors have great networking appliances and delivery appliances. That is their strength. But they typically lack sophisticated, intelligent CDN core technologies and they lack sophisticated management and account self-service features.

The Jet-Stream CDN solution taps into the delivery power of their appliances. We take intelligence out of the delivery layer and add much more sophisticated intelligence by turning their delivery devices into powerful delivery nodes and by controlling these devices using a true next generation, intelligent, premium, flexible and future proof CDN solution. 

Jet-Stream invented the CDN licensing business in 2002. We are the first Content Delivery Network technology vendor, focusing on researching, developing and licensing CDN technologies for IP network owners. since 1994 we have built on our unique experience with large-scale webcasting productions and infrastructures. Our first CDN technologies were developed in 1997, before CDNs like Akamai started.

We have deployed over 30 CDNs, which is more than most other vendors deployed together. We operate our own StreamZilla CDN. Most other vendors don't know what it takes to operate a CDN on a daily basis. We put that knowledge back into our sophisticated technology. And even if another vendor has the experience of operating their own CDN, they have not been able to monetize it, they either lost a lot of money on their CDN operation or have very thin margins. StreamZilla has an unmatched profit margin of over 40%: it proves that the Jet-Stream approach works.

Respect for content
Most vendors look at CDNs from a network engineering perspective. Our roots are in media production. If you want to monetize a CDN, you have to convince content owners that your CDN respects their content and meets their requirements. The Jet-Stream CDN has been designed to meet both the telecom operator and the content owner requirements. No other CDN offers such a great self-service media control room, with the transparency and control that the Jet-Stream CDN offers.

No lock-in
Open Play is the keyword. Other vendors offer a limited CDN environment that only works with their proprietary set of components. This is the same pitfall as telecom operators experienced with separate silos for IPTV, Web and Mobile. The Jet-Stream CDN is open. We support a wide range of vendors, and bring you a true flexible CDN environment. You are free to select and mix components from a wide variety of vendors for delivery, networking, monitoring, analytics, billing, encoding and workflow automation. A true compliant and future proof solution.

Jet-Stream has taken many steps to eliminate infrastructural costs and operational costs. In contrary to other vendors we don't monetize appliances and overhead equipment. The Jet-Stream CDN can be run on the most optimal mix of appliances, open appliances, physical servers, virtual servers, cloud servers and embedded servers. Everything is automated so a Jet-Stream CDN can be operated 24*7 by less than 2FTE, unattended. 

More than technology
Jet-Stream does more than just technology. We want to understand your business, your challenges. We want to talk about strategies and business cases. We advise on how to use CDN technologies to avoid threats, to take opportunities. We don’t just train how to deploy and operate a CDN, we also advise on marketing and sales. To help our industry’s vendors, analysts, content producers, content publishers, and network owners we are very active in sharing our vision and the trends we see via white papers, forums, summits and blogs.

Reliable partner
Jet-Stream is a reliable long term partner. We are a fast-growing, profitable company without loans or debts. We are not a startup. CDN is not a minor part of our service, we focus 100% on CDN. We are independent, without investors, so R&D and our customers have our full attention. We are an incredibly experienced and professional team of CDN experts who are honest, direct, open and with high standards for business morale. We offer 24*7 direct access to senior engineers for 3rd line support and our global partners can offer 1st line and 2nd line 24*7 support services.