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Emerce interview

I was interviewed by Emerce:


English (warning, crappy Google Translate)


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Net neutrality, new net hypergiants (updated)

Interesting article on The Register!


This article gives a nice view on how companies like Google and Akamai actually bypass the entire internet and how net neutrality fighters are helping them. There needs to be a balance…


More articles with interesting opinions are popping up:



I’ve been involved in the Net neutrality debate in the Netherlands for many years. Net neutrality is important. The internet should be open. ISP’s may never limit, block or frustate access to content. They should remain neutral…. Or?

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Many companies are investing in online content services. YouTube, Hulu, broadcasters, publishers. These companies build business cases on the boom of online video: advertisement models, subscription models and pay-per-view models. Their business cases depend on scalability and performance of the internet, both broadband and mobile.

Internet vs cable
Cable operators offer good quality and quality of service, but their limited number of channels and titles can never compete with the vast number of internet channels and billions of online videos. Consumers don’t want to be locked into a package anymore. They want to pull content. Subscribers want to be in control. The internet is open and therefore the distribution infrastructure of today and the future. Digital television operators who ignore this fact will face a very difficult future.

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CDN variations

The term CDN is not well-defined. It covers many solutions and applications to geo-optimize delivery.

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Net Neutrality

Today I was at the Network Neutrality Workshop, organized by the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs. I was 45 minutes late because of the traffic jams…

We had a Net Neutrality discussion a few years back (I was in the panel) and the conclusions were that there were no real net neutrality issues but that the telcos should be more transparent.

No new developments today. There were some presentations, but no real debate. Because Net Neutrality isn’t really an issue.

I liked the presentation of Dialogic. The Minister of Foreign Trade held a speech…

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