2009-07-30 00:00:00 | ISPs Value Chain

Open Play

In 2001 I came in contact with the Dutch Innovation Platform, from the Ministry of Economic Affairs. Because I foresaw a major shift in the value chain.

Thanks to the Internet, consumers were not locked anymore in the old walled garden, linear value chain:

Consumer -> buys television package from cable operator -> buys tv channels distribution rights -> broadcasters add advertising revenues -> pay the content producer.

The open Internet allowed multiple new value chain models:

Consumer -> buys flat-fee broadband. End of chain.

Consumer -> surfs the web for content aggregators who ask money for their service or add advertising revenues -> to pay the content producer.

I called this Open Play

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2009-07-30 00:00:00 | Distribution Fiber to the Home ISPs The Last Mile

The Connected Home

2004. Ah, Fiber to the Home. The holy grail. According to many. Experts warned the government that if we did not invest in the Last Mile today, the Netherlands would become a third world country and internet services would never take off. So they asked the government to invest millions of tax payers money in new Last Miles.

I was a bit sceptical about their claims. Because I coincidentally had done some research about the bottlenecks of the Dutch Internet. And my conclusion was that the Last Mile could perfectly handle future growth, but that the true bottlenecks were at the ISP core backbones, the Internet Exchange and their interconnects (public and private peers).

The experts claimed that broadband services would require more than 20Mbps capacity per household. Maybe even 100Mbps in the future. But there was no research done to prove this claim.

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2009-07-30 00:00:00 | Distribution History ISPs The Last Mile Value Chain Video Working Group

Video Working Group

2002. I had done a lot of research on broadband capacity, edge distribution and CDN management. I foresaw that the Internet would break under the increasing load of online video. I had experienced (eh caused) it myself one time.

The ISP’s would struggle to keep their business case positive. Content owners would be forced to outsource delivery to CDN’s. Who would only be able to distribute to ISP’s.

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2009-07-30 00:00:00 | Distribution Fiber to the Home ISPs Logistics The Last Mile Value Chain Video Working Group

Digital Logistics

2002. Since I already had a background in distributed delivery, I dived deeper into the internet infrastructure, to come up with a smart distributed solution for mass-scale content delivery.

It involved a simple number of technologies I already had developed in operational or rudimentary form. Parallelized delivery servers as core and edge servers. A smart asset and live relay replication mechanism. A smart geo load balancing application. Some log processing scripts.

Technical stuff. But why and how does this work? Let’s compare this with Logistics

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