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Telco CDN strategy white paper announcement

During IBC (Amsterdam, Sept 10-14), Jet-Stream will release the must-read Telco CDN Strategy white paper for anyone in the CDN and Telco industry.

The document is not technical but visionary and offers many insights and strategical opportunities. The document is specifically written for analysts, writers, members of the board and higher management.

Global CDNs versus on-net CDNs”

Three Screens Strategy”

Video Kills the Internet Star”

“Forget Triple Play, here’s Open Play

“Telcos face brand damage if they don’t embrace OTT”

Four strategical reasons to deploy an on-net CDN”

Send an email to sales@jet-stream.nl to receive a digital copy of the white paper.


2010-06-14 00:00:00 | Distribution ISPs The Last Mile Video Working Group

Soccer dip

An interesting traffic pattern on the Amsterdam Internet Exchange during the live webcast of the year: the World Soccer game between NL and DK. Instead of a traffic spike, overall traffic was lower. A dip! (updated chart)

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Many companies are investing in online content services. YouTube, Hulu, broadcasters, publishers. These companies build business cases on the boom of online video: advertisement models, subscription models and pay-per-view models. Their business cases depend on scalability and performance of the internet, both broadband and mobile.

Internet vs cable
Cable operators offer good quality and quality of service, but their limited number of channels and titles can never compete with the vast number of internet channels and billions of online videos. Consumers don’t want to be locked into a package anymore. They want to pull content. Subscribers want to be in control. The internet is open and therefore the distribution infrastructure of today and the future. Digital television operators who ignore this fact will face a very difficult future.

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2009-10-29 00:00:00 | Business ISPs Video Working Group

CDN interoperability

I have been advocating cooperation between CDNs, telcos and content owners for many years.

CDN interoperability pilot

I am pleased to announce that we are formally starting a project in the Netherlands with the NPO (Dutch Public Broadcaster, best compared to the BBC), KPN (tier-1 Telco) and SURFnet (academic ISP).

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2009-09-21 00:00:00 | Business Distribution ISPs Marketing The Last Mile

CDNs and Net Neutrality

By patching their networks together, many small and large network operators around the world have built a global virtual network: the Internet. It offers open and global access to any server and service in any connected network. The open and neutral character is what made the Internet the next big thing in humanity. So it is important to keep it open and neutral. And it is important to keep it running.

Iin the past few years, there has been discussion about Net Neutrality. Are ISPs allowed to block services? No? What about spam? Are ISPs allowed to shape traffic? No? Not even if a small number of subscribers can take their entire network down? Are ISP’s allowed to rent network resources to service providers so they can accelerate specific services?

In the USA, the Net Neutrality discussion is very polarized: either you are ‘freedom fighter’ who want laws to make sure that no single bit is discriminated or accelerated, or you are against government involvement and want the TelCos to be able to tune their network.

In Europe, we have a different view…

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